Spencerport Junior Baseball is a community organization focused on providing baseball and softball opportunities to our area's youth. We emphasize sportsmanship, leadership and community involvement while playing and teaching the games of baseball and so

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 Mon 05/03/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Brighton, Buckland Park 6:00p 8:00p  >Travel Baseball> 12U International - Smith Game    KS 
Campus #10 (Cosgrove) 6:30p 8:30p  >Girls Minors> Minors Bach Practice Minors Taylor Practice was cancelled due to weather  CN 
Campus #12 (High School) 6:30p 8:30p  >Girls Rookies> Rookies Rowan Game Irondequoit Combination weather and lack of players  CN 
Campus #3 (Trowbridge) 6:30p 8:30p  >Girls Rookies> Rookies Tellex Game Irondequoit game against Irondequoit 1  CN 
Campus #5 (Bernabi) 6:00p 7:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Abbamonte - Dodgers Practice    BM 
7:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Hulbert - Orioles Practice    BM 
Campus #6 (Bernabi) 6:00p 7:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Brooks - Mets Practice    BM 
7:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Kirk - Athletics Practice    BM 
Campus #7 (Bernabi) 6:00p 7:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Mendola - Cardinals Practice    BM 
7:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Plumeri - Yankees Practice    BM 
Pineway #1 6:00p 8:00p  >Travel Baseball> 10U International - Webster Practice    SW 
Pineway #2 6:00p 7:30p  >Travel Baseball> 8U - Murphy Practice  **FIELD #2 OUTFIELD ONLY**STAY OFF INFIELD**  BM 
Pineway #3 5:00p 6:30p  >Travel Baseball> 12U National - Distaffen Practice    SW 
 Tue 05/04/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Campus #10 (Cosgrove) 6:30p 8:30p  >Girls Majors> Majors Pokracki Game Churchville Cancelled due to weather - Will be rescheduled   CN 
Campus #12 (High School) 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Minors> Yankees Practice    SO 
Campus #5 (Bernabi) 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Minors> Mets Practice    SO 
Campus #6 (Bernabi) 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Minors> Nationals Practice    SO 
Campus #7 (Bernabi) 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Minors> Orioles Practice    SO 
Pineway #1 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Majors> Majors Blue Easlick Game Majors Gold Mckenzie   AD 
Pineway #2 7:00p 8:30p  >Travel Baseball> 10U National - Drechsler Practice  Practice in Grass/OUTFIELD only. Stay off dirt.  AD 
 Wed 05/05/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Campus #10 (Cosgrove) 6:30p 8:30p  >Girls Minors> Minors Bach Game RHAA Versus RHAA  CN 
Campus #12 (High School) 6:30p 8:30p PF >Girls Minors> Minors Taylor Game Greece Versus Greece  TP 
Campus #3 (Trowbridge) 6:30p 8:30p  >Girls Rookies> Rookies Tellex Practice Rookies Rowan Practice until Dark - Joint practice  CN 
Campus #5 (Bernabi) 6:00p 7:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Hulbert - Orioles Practice    BM 
7:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Abbamonte - Dodgers Practice    BM 
Campus #6 (Bernabi) 6:00p 7:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Kirk - Athletics Practice    BM 
7:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Brooks - Mets Practice    BM 
Campus #7 (Bernabi) 6:00p 7:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Plumeri - Yankees Practice    BM 
7:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Juniors> Mendola - Cardinals Practice    BM 
Pineway #1 6:00p 8:00p  >Travel Baseball> 10U International - Webster Practice    SW 
Pineway #3 5:00p 7:00p  >Travel Baseball> 12U National - Distaffen Practice    SW 
 Thu 05/06/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Greece, Greece LL Complex 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Majors> Majors Blue Easlick Game Greece Field 1 vs. Greece Team #4 (Timber Rattlers)  AD 
Campus #10 (Cosgrove) 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Minors> Orioles Practice    SO 
Campus #12 (High School) 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Minors> Nationals Practice    SO 
Campus #3 (Trowbridge) 6:30p 8:30p  >Girls Majors> Majors Pokracki Practice    CN 
Campus #5 (Bernabi) 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Minors> Mets Practice    SO 
Campus #6 (Bernabi) 6:00p 7:30p  >Travel Baseball> 8U - Murphy Practice    BM 
Campus #7 (Bernabi) 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Minors> Yankees Practice    SO 
Pineway #1 6:00p 8:00p  >Baseball Majors> Majors Gold Mckenzie Game Greece vs. Greece Team #1 (Mets)  AD 
Pineway #2 7:00p 8:30p  >Travel Baseball> 10U National - Drechsler Practice    AD 
Pineway #3 6:00p 8:00p  >Travel Baseball> 12U International - Smith Practice    KS 
 Fri 05/07/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Pineway #1 6:00p 8:00p  >Travel Baseball> 10U National - Drechsler Game Brockport Please arrive by 5pm. White jerseys.   AD 
Pineway #3 5:00p 6:00p  >Travel Baseball> 12U International - Smith Practice    KS 
6:00p 8:00p  >Travel Baseball> 12U International - Smith Game    KS 
 Sat 05/08/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Livonia, Bowen Field (Livonia) 4:00p 7:30p  >Travel Baseball> 12U International - Smith Game Livonia Bull Dogs Doubleheader   KS 
Campus #10 (Cosgrove) 12:30p 2:30p  >Girls Majors> Majors Pokracki Game Penfield Penfield conflict - Versus Penfield 1  CN 
Campus #12 (High School) 12:30p 2:30p  >Girls Rookies> Rookies Rowan Game Fairport Field is closed due to water - Against Fairport #2   CN 
Campus #3 (Trowbridge) 11:00a 12:00p  >Girls Majors> Majors Pokracki Practice  Practice from 11am-12pm  CN 
12:30p 2:30p  >Girls Rookies> Rookies Tellex Game Pittsford Fields are closed  CN 
3:00p 5:00p PF, AM >Girls Minors> Minors Bach Game Minors Taylor Opening Day - Game will follow Rookies game after parade, etc.  CN 
Campus #5 (Bernabi) 9:00a 11:00a  >Baseball Juniors> Hulbert - Orioles Practice Abbamonte - Dodgers Practice/Clinic  BM 
3:30p 5:30p PF >Baseball Minors> Mets Scrimmage Yankees   SO 
Campus #6 (Bernabi) 9:00a 11:00a  >Baseball Juniors> Kirk - Athletics Practice Brooks - Mets Practice/Clinic  BM 
3:30p 5:30p SP >Baseball Minors> Nationals Scrimmage Orioles   SO 
Campus #7 (Bernabi) 9:00a 11:00a  >Baseball Juniors> Mendola - Cardinals Practice Plumeri - Yankees Practice/Clinic  BM 
Pineway #1 2:00p 4:00p  >Travel Baseball> 10U National - Drechsler Game Irondequoit Please arrive by 1pm. White jerseys.   AD 
 Sun 05/09/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Campus #3 (Trowbridge) 9:30a 2:00p  >Travel Baseball> 12U National - Distaffen Game Geneseo   ED 
Campus #5 (Bernabi) 2:00p 4:00p  >Baseball Minors> Nationals Practice    SO 
Campus #7 (Bernabi) 1:00p 3:00p  >Travel Baseball> 8U - Murphy Game Livonia Bull Dogs   BM 
Pineway #1 1:00p 3:00p  >Travel Baseball> 10U International - Webster Game Walworth Panthers Game vs Walworth (Arrival by 1215pm)  SW 
Pineway #3 4:00p 6:00p  >Travel Baseball> 12U International - Smith Game HFL   KS